Jerga details was established in 2016 with the main reason to help vehicle owners to save more without compromising the protection of their vehicles. Before we entered the market, vehicle owners are paying high prices of paint protection coatings such as glass coatings and ceramic coatings. 

Many have doubted as we started off by ourselves without any reputation even though we started off at a reputable detailing center previously. But we are relatively known to many people now. 

At Jerga details, our services ranges from Paint Protection Coatings, Paint correction and refining which is also know as car polishing, interior detailing such as leather cleaning and conditioning.

Our services are not just about making it clean but also to make look like it is brand new. We have always aim for perfection and ensure our performance and results are consistent throughout all models and make. 

We always ensure the results are perfect or the best that it could ever be for the entire car from the front to rear, interior and exterior. We do it by treating every of our customer car as our own. 

We are also working with leading manufacturers to develop a full range of car care products and maintenance products to ensure you get the most of what you had paid. 

We sincerely hope that Jerga Details will be your choice when it comes to the paint protection for your vehicle and let us assist you in maintaining your car to ensure the results are always at its best.