ULTIMEA Automotive Solar Film

Most of the ULTIMEA Automotive Solar Film which we carry is LTA compliant. Based on our meter testing, our solar films is probably the best in Singapore's market.
Our film would definitely fit your budget and needs. Not forgetting it has the highest specifications available in the market!

ULTIMEA Automotive Solar Film

All films are tested and it is the most accurate method. Customers can request for a demonstration and test the film with the meter to find out about the specifications

The readings on the windows will increase by up to 20% as the specifications below are on a 3mm clear glass

*The readings of ULTIMEA Solar Films is based on third party testing devices
What is Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER)?

It is the combined reading of 44% visible light transmission, 53% infrared rejection, 3% of ultraviolet ray rejection. The higher the TSER, the better the heat rejection. TSER is the most accurate way to determine the quality of the solar film.

What is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)?

It is the amount of heat that you will be feeling. The lower the solar heat gain coefficient, the lower heat you will be feeling.

What is Full Infrared Rejection? 

It is the most accurate infrared rejection readings available. Unlike other installers which shows you the specific wavelength which only benefits their own film. This inaccurate method is normally used by inexperienced and dishonest installer, normally those who are not using international brands. 

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