Paint Protection Coating provides you with better shine/gloss even if the vehicle just came out from the showroom. With a permanent bond , paint protection coating allows you to save more money from waxing your car frequently but yet offering you the shine and gloss. With a proper maintenance regime and methods, you do not have to polish your vehicle anymore! It also shorten the time and intervals needed for the maintenance! Not forgetting about the hydrophobic properties and scratch resistance abilities. Paint Protection Coating has to be done in the right way otherwise aggressive machine removal will required. With Jerga Detailing, you can be rest assured that your car is in the right hands! 

At Jerga Detailing, we are committed to give our customers the best products and services at the most affordable and unbeatable prices. Many customers have the perspective whereby cheap service might not be a good service. Jerga Detailing is here to smash such mindset, we offer much more as compared to our competitors but at a lower price. We are probably one of the most trusted mobile detailers you can find.