CAMUI 10H Golden Expresser Dual Coating System


CAMUI provides you with the highest paint protection with superior refractive index, water sheeting capabilities and unparalleled 10H hardness scratch resistant capabilities. CAMUI Coating is made of the highest density and purest form. It is the premium coating of choice for thousands of exotic car owners around the world!

WHY CAMUI 10H Golden Expresser Dual Coating System?

In Singapore's Market, many detailers are using knock off or rebranded products which have inferior performance and durability. In terms of the number of layers, detailers used a single product and applied for various times. But however this method is useless and gain no benefits. 

CAMUI on the other hand, uses 2 different chemicals with each specializing in hardness and performance to get the best protection your car. Golden Expresser is one of their highest range in their coating system. It comes with a hard base layer coating and CC4 as top coating. This allows it to offer better protection against light scratches, watermarks and swirlmarks.  


Price starting from $480 onwards *Contact us for latest Promotion*
What does it includes?
Freebies worth up to $200
- Free Windscreen Coating (worth $100)
- Free Rims Coating (worth $100)

Paint correction (polishing)
Interior Detailing
and many more.