Car Detailing Workshop

Make Your Car Shine Like it Out From A Showroom

Because of the elements, bird droppings, and frequent driving, it is very easy for your car to get scratches and marks on its exterior. Whatever the reason, Jerga Details has the perfect solution for your vehicle!

Car Polishing Services

We perform thorough cleaning and reconditioning to restore your vehicle to showroom condition. Our services cover the entire exterior of your vehicle. Each component of your vehicle is meticulously handled using a different method and product, ensuring that your vehicle is properly cared for. The results of our comprehensive detailing services are visible both from a distance and up close.

With our intensive detailing and  car polishing session, you can get rid of unsightly watermarks, tough stains, and grime. With a dedicated team of cleaning and detailing professionals, we can help you bring out the true deep color of your car’s paintwork.

Your car’s interior will also be thoroughly cleaned and refreshed with bio-safe and effective products. Drive off like it’s a brand new car right off the showroom!

Your car’s exterior will be cleaned and refreshed with top-quality and effective products to create an ultra brand new outlook with professional car wash and polish services.

We’re confident you will love the outcome. Contact us today.


Make your car brand new once again.