Car Exterior Detailing

Showcase your car’s beautiful exterior with our professional detailing services, which will make it shiny and new. The exterior of your car is the first thing that people see when you drive up to a meeting. It is also the first thing that gets dirty and scratched so it’s important that you keep it looking pristine.

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Features section:

  • Foam Wash
  • Full Rims Chemical Wash (Interior/ Exterior)
  • Surface Decontamination and Claying
  • Leather Conditioning
  • Inner Glass Cleaning
  • Back to Zero Anti-Bacteria Sanitising

The exterior car wash will remove dirt and grime from your vehicle while the premium car spa will keep your paint shiny and free of scratches and marks. The coating maintenance will make sure that your vehicle stays in good condition for a long time.


Make your car brand new once again.