ULTIMEA Self-Heal Coating is our flagship paint protection coatings. ULTIMEA Self-Heal uses Fluorine Polysilazane Nanotechnology which contains close to 100% active material components.

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Key Features and Benefits of ULTIMEA SELF HEAL COATING:

  • High Solids – Close to 100% active material content creating a thick film build 
  • 10H Hardness – 10H pencil hardness to protect better against damages
  • Cross-linking – Longer durability and better coating performance 
  • Self-Cleaning – Vehicle surface stays cleaner for longer period, requiring less maintenance for the car
  • Self-Healing – Surface surfaces vanishes or lighten the visibility, revealing a glossy and shiny paint surface 
  • Waterspot and Bird’s Dropping Resistance – High resistance to water spotting, water marks and bird’s droppings issue
  • Superior Hydrophobic Effect – Super water beading effect with water contact angle of 120°
  • Chemical and UV resistance – Protects the coated surface against harsh chemicals and harmful UV. It helps to reduce yellowing and discoloration of the car. 
  • Extreme Shine and Gloss – Making your car look at the best 

ULTIMEA Self Heal Coating Package
~ Freebies worth up to $1600 ~

✔ Free windscreen coating (Worth $250)

✔ Free rims coating (Worth $250)

✔ Free leather coating (Worth $250)

✔ Free Headlight and Taillight Coating (Worth $200)

✔ Free Plastic Coating (Worth $150)

✔ Free Unlimited Reapplications (Worth $500)


  • Wheels cleaned with Iron Cut (Brake Dust Removal) and various brushes.
  • Iron deposits and staining removed
  • Tar deposits safely removed
  • Vehicle pre-rinsed to remove loose dirt.
  • Painted surfaces decontaminated
  • Whole vehicle clayed to remove remaining bonded surface contamination
  • Thorough pressure rinse


  • Paintwork inspection carried out using various lighting sources and spotlights in our shop.
  • Up to 3 Stages paint correction/ polishing to eliminate deep scratches, water marks, swirlmarks and other imperfections
    (3 Stages consist of heavy cutting, medium polishing and finishing)
  • Head and tail lights polished and enhanced
  • Leather Seats chemically washed and scrubbed
  • Dashboard cleaning
  • Door sills/jams cleaning
  • Interior vacuuming


  • ULTIMEA Self-Heal Coating (3 Layers) applied to all exterior painted surfaces
  • Rims Coating applied to rim faces.
  • Windscreen Coating applied to all glasses including side mirror and sunroof/moonroof
  • Leather Coating applied to all leather seat faces
  • Headlight Coating applied to both headlight and taillights
  • Plastic Coating applied to exterior plastic trims
  • Dashboard Coating applied to dashboard, door panels and other matte plastic finish in the cabin
  • Tyres dressed


Make your car brand new once again.