CAMUI – Providing You With 10H Paint Protection

With superior refractive index, water sheeting capabilities, and unparalleled 10H hardness scratch-resistant capabilities, CAMUI provides the highest 10H paint protection. The highest density and purest form of CAMUI Coating is used. It is the preferred premium coating for thousands of exotic car owners all over the world!

CAMUI 10H Golden Expresser Dual Coating System

Many detailers in Singapore use knockoff or rebranded products that have inferior performance and durability. In terms of the number of layers, detailers used a single product and applied it at different times. However, this method is ineffective and provides no benefits.

CAMUI, on the other hand, employs two distinct chemicals, each specializing in hardness and performance, to provide the best protection for your vehicle. Golden Expresser is one of their top-tier coating systems. It has a hard base layer coating and a top coating of CC4. As a result, it can provide better protection against light scratches, watermarks, and swirl marks.

Car Paint Protection Singapore

Car paint protection is a necessity for anyone who owns a car. Car paint takes a beating from the elements on a daily basis. The sun bombards it with UV rays that can fade the paint and make it look dull. The rain and snow can also damage the paint, causing it to chip and peel. Even the dirt and grime that build up on the roads can cause the paint to become scratched and dull.

All of these factors can add up to a significant decrease in the value of your car. By investing in car paint protection, you can help to preserve the value of your vehicle and keep it looking its best for years to come.


Make your car brand new once again.